"MARRIED PRINT gives space to arguments about contemporary culture, society and politics.
For each issue, an author is invited to explicitly deploy a theme of her choice, and an illustrator
to comment and reflect on it visually in poster format.
The dense and detailed texts and images span a wide range of themes and styles, but as common thread we ask our contributors for overtwisted speculations or bold thematic cross-fadings and we trust in their indifference towards affirmative accomodations.

MARRIED PRINT comes as folded offset-print poster (84 × 59,4 cm) on heavy paper.
Additionally, the illustration is available as a fine art print in a limited edition of 10.
MARRIED PRINT is edited and published by Dicey Studios"
"In her essay Infrared Dreams in Times of Transparency – The Love Life of Drones and Other Western Cyborgs Vika Kirchenbauer investigates the concepts of transparency, love, the “western” gaze etc. by reference to the global drone system:
'Drones are masturbatory: they resemble only a self-consuming illusion of total subjectivity, a lonesome wank in the safest place. The drone is the ultimate peeping tom of modern warfare. Looking at the world through drones, with no-one looking back, the West – Former West, Global North or whatever term is considered adequate – ultimately stares back at itself. The gaze unmet by the observed is lastly directed inwards with self-satisfactory fulfilment.'
Amrei Hofstätter translates some of these ideas into one of her signature illustrations."
The Illustration closely resembles a stained glass window found in churches, playing with the duality of the church as a place where the individual is under constant surveillance (by a godlike entity) and the stained glass used as means to block the gaze of an outsider.
The mirrored image also plays with he duality of drone pilot and victim, the emotional alienation from the automated attack and its deadly consequences. The viewer can decide which way he/she would like to place the poster and in consequence, decide with whom he empathizes more.
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