Amrei Hofstätter’s digitally created works are geometric hallucinations of a world in which mostly female bodies merge with shapes and objects. The result of their union are surreal hybrids, whose existential purpose seems to consist of nothing other than the unfolding of flesh and spirit, facing the finality of absolute abstraction. Anime aesthetics, ritual, magic and alchemical iconography come together in playful settings, only to later reveal topics such as desires, trauma and self-mutilation, which ultimately converge into a unique existential problem: the wish for transformation in conflict with the fear of failure, resulting in total disappearance and extinction. Thereby Amrei sees herself heavily influenced by the Freudian „uncanny“, a concept that nowadays finds its use in Cybernetics as the „Uncanny Valley Effect“. This condition describes the extremely rejecting reaction of a human towards an artificial creature, exactly the moment when the line between artificial and human has been crossed. With her works Amrei explores to which extend we already feel this alienation towards ourselves, our environment and our own human bodies.



BMW – The next 100 years // 2016

Digital Abstracts Playing Arts // 2015 (collective)

Pictoplasma Character Compendium // 2015

Mask Collective // Berlin 2014 (collective show)

Ploonk Streetwear Collaboration // 2014

House of Vans Custom Sneakers // Berlin 2014 (collective show)

Married Print #1 / Infrared Dreams in Times of Transparency – The Love Life of Drones and Other Western Cyborgs // 2014

Amrei Hofstätter x Front Row Society Legging Collection // 2013

Xanadu // Berlin 2012 (solo show)

Manish Arora Fall / Winter collection 2011/2012 presented at Fashion Week // Paris 2011

Belio X 10 // Bilbao / Berlin / Barcelona / Madrid 2009 (collective show)

The Promised Place // Berlin 2009 (solo show)

Dreamhunters // Barcelona 2008 (solo show)

Three lucky Numbers // Barcelona 2007 (solo show)

Urban Eyes // Belfast 2006 (collective show)